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the (free) lcd soundsystem show at the (tla) excuse me filmore, was one of my favorite shows of all time. i had an absolutely incredible time at the show. danced my ass off, drank a few beers, and witnessed some pure unadulterated good musik.

now, you see…i was beginning to think that i was never going to be able to make it to a lcd soundsystem show (see barcelona, the brooklyn dibocle, and the myspace mishap). i am sure you are all wondering what the myspace mishap was all about…well…

i got onto “the list” for two free tickets for the lcd show, but the catch was that i had to get down to center city before the tickets were sold out. i had to work so there was no way that i was going to make it down for the tickets, so b.i. decided to head up from delaware to grab ’em. when he arrived at the tla, he was informed that the tickets were sold out. so shit out of luck, right.

wrong, turns out that g.f.o.m. saviors (dusty b. and mel) stepped up to the plate with two tickets to the show. so myself and b.i were good to go. thanks guys!

as for the show. we arrived at the tla @ 9 pm sharp because we heard that there would be no opening band. we proceeded to hit the bar and b.s. for a while before we were all called to the dance floor by a p.a. announcement. once on the floor, we waited for what seemed like a pretty long time before lcd hit the stage. from then on, it was time to dance. i have never been to a show where so many people were dancing and having a good time. it seemed that everyone was dancing except for the girls standing right next to me (of course). sorry girls, i am sure i stepped on your toes and spilled beer on you all night long. but my questions is…how can you go to a lcd soundsystem show and not dance? the setlist according to music snobbery

us vs. them
daft punk is playing at my house
time to get away
north american scum
all my friends
watch the tapes

encore: no love lost
new york, i love you but you’re bringing me down

the set was pretty long, being a free show and all. it included a good mix of new ones and old ones. would have been nice to hear a few more tunes, but the show was great, free, and a lot of fun (so i am definitely not complaining). i vaguely remember hearing a tune or two before us. v. them (i think they opened with something else). yeah was the shit. what a great song to hear live! new york, i love you…awesome song…but a different closer would have been cool. overall this show was really great. i am still reeling from it five days later.

special thanks to j.christ for the awesome pictures. check out some more of his pics here.


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