our love to admire

anyone else have a listen to the new interpol? i checked out like 5 songs, and think it sounds like a Killers album. not so sure this is a good thing. anyway, just checking to see your thoughts.

our love to admire


~ by lloydxmas on 2007/06/23.

6 Responses to “our love to admire”

  1. I got the full thing, I am not sure I am digging it either….check the new pinback though…I am liking that…

  2. thanks for the post viar! as i have only heard one song on the new one, i cannot yet comment on the album. but i have to say that i am a little less excited about it afters yours and dustins thoughts on it.

  3. i got through the whole thing, and some songs toward the end were more reminiscent of the good ‘ole INTERPOL we know. but the beginning is a little different.

    i’m really liking the kings of leon gordo got me into.

  4. anonymous??

  5. anonymous was lloyd…didnt login i guess

  6. gfom, just heard what must be the “real album”, diggin it.

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