some new and old random news.

i’m excited to see that the drought of good shows in philly has come to an end as the end of july into august nears. i am still shamelessly trying to stalk down anyone with extra interpol tix at the july 20th a.c. borgata show. so please, anyone who knows of such a thing, holler back!

moving on – let me just say that i am slightly obsessed with bryan’s find: bat for lashes post from june 24th. i am spell bound by the creepy video paired with her dramatic, yet throw back 1968-nico-esque vocal style. i just got my hands on the album but have yet to give it a listen. i only hope that as a whole, it is as alluring and interesting as what’s a girl to do. i’ll give the album a review once i give it a thorough listen. i hope to make it out to her july 23rd show in hoboken new jersey and return with plenty of photos. rad.

i was so inclined to do a little extra research. here’s some flavor for your ears and eyes. some extras and an incredibly insightful interview with the woman herself, natash kahn. rock on please.

more random: i have found two free downloads by stars on

1. your ex-lover is dead
2. ageless beauty


~ by nunzination on 2007/07/15.

2 Responses to “some new and old random news.”

  1. hey l. thanks for holding it down around here while i was gone. we just got back from the big festival. we had a great time and an all around great trip. best p-fest so far, by far. i hope to get a review and some pictures up soon, but first i need to get some sleep. some highlights for me included…gza and sonic youth rocking through classic albums, the girl talk dance party that we participated outside of the festival, great sets from iron and wine and clipse, the craziness that was of montreal, and my surprise of the weekend…the awesomeness of jamie lidell. more to come soon…

  2. haha. i can only imagine a girl talk dance party. oh man i would dance off so hard. anyways. i can’t wait to hear about it all. please tell me you have photos. i’m sure you do. get some rest. i got an interpol ticket! finally! maybe i will see you there?

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