07.21.07 interpol @ the music box, atlantic city.







just got back from the “shore” complete with a bit of sunburn and a nice warm feeling from last night’s interpol show in atlantic city. what a great show. if you ever have the chance to check out a show at the music box at the borgata cassino, i say do it. the venue is small and the sound is very choice. if you can get past the lame-oh’s sitting down during a concert and the people that are attending the show as a comp. from the cassino, this is a great place to see a show.

last time i saw interpol we were at the electric factory in philadelphia (that show was good as well, but it was very cool checking out such a popular band in such an intimate space). we were up pretty close and had a great view of the band throughout the set. as for the set, i was very impressed. rather than playing a bunch of newbies the band rocked it with a few new tunes but the majority of the songs were the old ones. the setlist according to the interpol forum.

obstacle 1
say hello to the angels
rest my chemistry
public pervert
slow hands
the scale
heinrich maneuver
not even jail


overall, i consider myself a fairly luck dude having seen so many good great shows in the past few months…this show was no exception. great venue, great set, great time! i mean look at that encore…nyc, stella, and pda. thats all you need to know, really.

b.i. and i also had the opportunity to meet up with g.f.o.m contributor nunzination. good to meet you laura! we love the pictures and the awesome youtube clip. thanks laura!!


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  1. hey laura, thanks for the pictures. you took some great shots. i hope that you do not mind that i moved your post and put the pictures down here. it is just easier to archive the shows this way. thanks again.

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