must enjoy the sun, must enjoy the sea

the new stars album “in our bedroom after the war”, originally slated for a 09.25.07 release, has been made available for digital download on sites such as emusic and itunes. i had the opportunity to give the disc a few spins. my initial thoughts of the album were not too good, but this one is a grower. it has been on constant rotation here in g.f.o.m headquarters over the past few days.

i feel like the band has made a bold move with this disc. they could have easily gone the route of putting out a simple (more of the same) album. instead they have created an album with a very unique sound. i am freaking diggin it.

songs such as ‘personal’ are an example of the creativity and uniqueness of this disc. the song is a story around a personal add with amy adding the lines for the women and torqull holding it down for the guy. this tune is so hauntingly beautiful. check it out here. then go out a download this bad boy.

after hearing the new album, my ass is gonna be the first in line for the 10.24.07 stars show at the starlight ballroom. see you mofos there.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/07/25.

One Response to “must enjoy the sun, must enjoy the sea”

  1. The Stars are freakin’ supernova. Love the tune “personal” and even my feeling on the first single has changed after hearing it along with the album!

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