for styles

me and styles were bs-ing about hip hop on a our LONG walk home from the p-fest in chicago. for some reason i brought up ‘agent orange’ by cage. over the past week or so, i have been marinating on how dope this song really is. so here you go styles and all you other peps…

cage – agent orange
(parental advisory)

you can check out some more cage tunes here. and keep your eye out for his new album in spring of ’08. and if you are like styles and live in b-more, you can head out to the pier 6 concert pavilion on july 27th to check him out. or if you are in the philadelphia area, cage is playing the starlight ballroom on 09.08.07.

and speaking of dope, head over to le-gouter for a clip of the new common tune ‘drivin’me wild’ featuring lilly allen.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/07/26.

One Response to “for styles”

  1. Tx for linkin’
    Hope summer rhymes with music in philadelphia

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