the g.f.o.m camp is feeling the heat of the dog days of summer here in the philadelphia area. so please bear with the lack of updates as of late. as soon as we get back on track, we will be sure to bring you more of the goodness.

for now, peep this incredible tune. this one stands the test of time for me. i was jammin this one back in the summer of ’90. behavin’ like hiphop was good.

boogie down productions – love’s gonna get’cha (material love)


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/01.

3 Responses to “turmoil”

  1. very much enjoy the blog, and i had an idea you had good taste in music. then i saw this entry, and i was even more pleased…the BDP crew kickin it old skool!! thank you far that.

    feel free to use any of my pics in the future…

    btw…i very much envy your city and the acts that come through there. we get shat out here in western pa, so we often road trip it to your lovely town for our live music intake…and philly never lets us down.


  2. hey gary, thanks for the compliments. it’s good to hear that people actually read this thing once in a while.

  3. […] few weeks ago, i featured a boogie down productions song on the site…and i got to thinking. recently, i have had alot of the old school cuts (that i used to […]

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