kite runner ‘n riots

a few months back, lightfoot turned me onto a very good book by the name of “the kite runner” by khaled hosseini. the story revolves around two boys living in afghanistan. with a mix of history, friendship, betrayal, war, and redemption…the book has it all. turns out the book is being given the movie treatment. jimmy over at sly oyster has the goods. i have to say that the trailer looks good.

in other news, its hot. but i am excited for tomorrow night, getting to see ra ra riot, vampire weekend, and tokyo police club all on the same bill. don’t know much about ra ra riot but i have heard good things about em. i will be sure to let yall know what i think. until then, this one sounds pretty good

ra ra riot – can you tell


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/08.

3 Responses to “kite runner ‘n riots”

  1. You should check out the WOXY.COM Lounge Act archives ( There are two performances by Ra Ra Riot (as well as tons of other artists-known and upcoming).

    Ra Ra Riot’s performances are here:


  2. I had no idea they were making a movie from this book…Great BOOk….trailer looks good!

  3. thanks hunta. woxy is good stuff. i appreciate the links.

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