packed house

08.09.07 vampire weekend, ra ra riot, and tokyo police club @ johnny brendas, philadelphia.

note – i was trying to play around with my camera to get a good shot without the flash, as you can see…i failed miserably

last night, a packed johnny brendas witnessed a band that is being hyped as the next big thing (vampire weekend). i had never seen the place so crowded for an opening act. i was interested in this band after hearing a few of their demos, but after this performance…i am inclined to believe the hype. vampire weekend sounded incredibly tyght. i feel that the sky is the limit for these guys. you will be hearing about them soon. they played a nice set that included some of my favorite demos and they also threw in a few new ones. ‘blake’s gotta new face’, look out for that one.

i must admit, that i missed much of the ra ra riot show because i ventured down stairs to meet up with the infamous b.i. the little that i did see of the band gave me a so/so impression of the riot. 6 members of the band crowded the brendas stage. and we felt that the strings (violin and cello), drums and bass overpowered the vocals and lead guitar. there seemed to be just too much going on at once. but take this review with a grain of salt, cause i really did not see too much of the set.

last time i saw tokyo police club they rocked through the six songs on “a lesson in crime” and maybe threw in one or two extras. i remember the band apologizing because they did not have more material to play. they did not have to apologize, that set was short and very sweat. this time around the boys came to the illadelph with an arsenal of new songs. the set was good and the new songs seem to have potential, but the amount of new material took away from what made their first appearance in philadelphia so great. i will be interested to hear their new album and then get a chance to see them again…once i have had some time to digest the new songs.


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