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08.10.07 white rabbits @ johnny brendas, philadelphia.

collaborator and all around good guy, oldie, made the trek with b.i. to philly to catch the white rabbits. it was the first time in a minute that old took in a show with us, i think he made a good decision. the white rabbits (opening act for the cribs) put on a nice show.

when i picked up the white rabbits album “fort nightly” i was immediately impressed, subsequently the disc was a mainstay on my ipod. as the weeks went by, i neglected to listen to it much and went in the the saturday night show having not listened to the rabbits in a while. i was not expecting much from the show, but ended up being blow away by the performance. the band having two drummers, a bass player, two guitarists, and a piano player really had to scrunch themselves up on the johnny brendas stage (they even brought out another guy to play drums during the set). but they really made the best of the cramped stage, pumping out a short set of infectious music. i was very impressed with the band, incredibly tight sounding and talented. this band is another one that i will be keeping my eye on. do check them out if they roll through your town.

the set was short but it including a bunch of my favorite tunes from “fort nightly”, a cool cover of bob dylan’s ‘maggie’s farm’, and a few other tunes. the highlight of set had to be ‘sea of rum’. a fun tune with a great beat. you can check it out here (taken from their daytrotter session a few weeks ago).

the daytrotter version is nice enough, but it does not hold up to the version they played in philadelphia. you can check out the rest of the daytrotter session here.

and here is a clip of the performace in philly


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