new music roundup

photo by styles

sitting in johnny brendas the other night, we heard a few tunes from the akron / family self titled first album. for those of you still slacking on that one, do yourself a favor and check it out. anyway, that got me thinking about the upcoming akron release “love is simple” scheduled for a september release. you can hear a new song here and here.

last year at the pitchfork festival, jens lekman and a few cute swedish girls put on a hell of a show. turns out that my favorite song of the set ‘opposite of hallelujah’ will be included on jen’s new disc. go here and check it out. highly recommended!

and finally, sunset rubdown has released a new an mp3 of their new song “up on your leopard, upon the end of your feral days“.

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/14.

2 Responses to “new music roundup”

  1. I got the new jens lekman last night, and gave it a spin this morning very good….I think I make to his shwo on Oct 26 (i think thats the date)….

  2. yeah from what i have heard of the new stuff, we are in for more goodness from jens.

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