ghostwritten and jazz

not much going on around here other than more disappointments in the job department. on top of that, it has been a slow couple of days in terms of music, so lets talk about books. i have been reading “ghostwritten” by david mitchell. this is my second mitchell book (having read “cloud atlas” a few months ago) and i have to say…this dude is a talented writer. “ghostwritten” has a bunch of small stories that are supposed to somehow relate at the end. the excellent second chapter revolves around a young guy, half japanese half filapino, that is a huge jazz buff working in a tokyo record shop. mitchell writes and intriguing story and somehow interweaves some great tidbits about jazz (some i was aware of // some i was not).

during the second chapter mitchell talks about miles davis, john coltrane, duke pearson, duke ellington, charles parker, and many more. one song in particular that is discussed in the story is ‘in a sentimental mood’ by duke ellington and john coltrane. perfect for a chilling evening with the old lady…

i will be out of the g.f.o.m. headquarters for the next couple of days for a wedding. so i will be sure to hit you up with reviews of the upcoming modest mouse and wolf parade shows when i get back.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/15.

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