08.19.07 modest mouse and clipse @ penn’s landing, philadelphia

last night we saw lots and lots of rain, clipse, a pretty cool dj tent, and modest mouse. however, we did not see band of horses because we were a bit late to the show. which was disappointing, but hell the whole night was kinda disappointing now that i think about it.

maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the crowd, or maybe it was the loads of racist, sexist, and homophobic comments that i heard throughout the night that put a damper on the evening. but i have had a lot more fun at modest mouse shows in the past. i also have to remember that it isn’t 1997 anymore, modest mouse are pretty big and command a nice sized following. as much as i like this band, i have to say that i feel their older material is much better than the new stuff. and the set was pretty full of new stuff.

on the other hand, maybe i am just hoping for too much…cause they did play “dramamine”, “out of gas”, “doing the cockroach”, and “broke”. but this older material just got me thinking about how talented this band is…and that if they only played a set more varied with older tunes they could put on one hell of a show. i hate to bring another band into the discussion, but take the show from interpol a few weeks back. they played mostly older tunes, throwing in a handful of new ones. if modest mouse would just follow the same formula, i would be raving about the show, instead of hoping for more. having said all that, they still are modest mouse and they still are enjoyable…it’s just different now.

not much to say about clipse. they did not match the intensity that they showed in chicago. a few good songs, but they seemed off their game.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/20.

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