you look really good to me right now

08.20.07 wolf parade @ tla, philadelphia.

thanks to kreeningsons for the photos.

what can i say, another night with rain and music but with a totally different outlook. this show rocked. lots of times, i have been to a show where a band has debuted new material and i have been very bored. not this time. the new songs seem to have lots of potential, consider me on the lookout for their new album (looks like a 2008 release). the new songs have a nice mixture of both dan and spencer. some are long and jammin’ / some short and poppy. as for the older tunes, they were good as well. its always good to hear ‘ghosts’ and ‘runner’. and the crowd, the crowd was great. very appreciative and loud when it called for it. the parade seemed to be feeding off the energy. below is the setlist according to the wolf parade forum

it’s a curse
language city
sons and daughters of holy ghosts
bed’s exploding (soldiers)
chinese way
shine a light
costello?? (stevie)
fine young cannibals
i’ll believe in anything
crazy horse

you are a runner / fancy claps


fine young cannibals was my highlight of the set. and i scored a copy of the version as played in brooklyn two nights ago. again thanks to snakes got a blog for the set. you can also head over to this excellent blog for the tunes.

wolf parade – fine young cannibals

**head over here for some nice video of the washington dc show.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/21.

3 Responses to “you look really good to me right now”

  1. Yea, what a great show….sucks that they will be playing the tower next.

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