turn it out

as some of you may be aware, i grew up with hip-hop. as a young’un i was interested in those 80’s jams but my real love was the hip-hop i heard on tv. i was glued to the tube everyday for yo! mtv raps. i can distinctly remember my mom getting me a tape player and a few tapes for the christmas of ’87 or ’88. the tapes were guns and roses – “appetite for destruction” and run dmc – “raising hell”.

a few weeks ago, i featured a boogie down productions song on the site…and i got to thinking. recently, i have had alot of the old school cuts (that i used to listen to back in the day) running through my head. so, every once in a while, i am going to post some old school stuff. since this site is dedicated to good music, i would be remiss to leave these tunes out.

after the white rabbits show a few weeks ago, we were down at silk city in philadelphia. while we were there, the dj threw on ‘turn it out” by the beatnuts. although this song is not as old as the bdp joint, it is still pretty old school. just a quality tune, in my opinion.

it does not look like the beatnuts have too much going on right now, so no news on tour dates or future projects. instead just enjoy this old one.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/24.

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