8 new york city bands, playing in philadelphia

well maybe not eight. the post “8 nyc bands your need to hear” has been getting quite a few hits over the past few weeks, so i decided to check on the bands and see what they are up too. and it turns out…a bunch of them will be playing our lovely philadelphia very soon.

vampire weekend – who put on a hell of a show a few weeks ago (by the way), will be playing the m room on 09.13.07.

frances – who i do not know anything about. but their song ‘lighthouse’ is kick ass, play the khyber on 09.30.07.

jealous girlfriends – play tritone (a live music venue on south street, you learn something new everyday) on 09.14.07. and then they open for nada surf at brendas on 10.13.07.

and the white rabbits (who aren’t playing philly), well they are just blowing up. with their appearance on letterman, their daytrotter session, and a bran spankin’ new video for ‘the plot’ which is a pretty cool video in my opinion and i usually don’t have the patients for music videos.

frances – lighthouse

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/27.

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