vanoccupanthers last visit to philly

just a reminder that midlake, the boys from denton texas, will be hitting up our fine city next week. they will be playing the tla on 09.07.07. so come on out and see the cute little van occupanther or whatever that thing is before he gets retired. they band has stated that this is their last tour for “van occupanter” and that they will be heading back home (after their tour) to live, eat, and breathe in their studio to work on their next record.

until the new one comes out, you can dig on a new ep that will be released by the band on 09.04.07. the ep is entitled “oak and julian” you can check out more details about the ep here.

opening acts for the midlake show include dawn landes and john grant. from what i have heard of dawn landes, i am digging the folkie / poppie / indie style she is packin. she does a blue grass version of ‘young folks’ that could be interesting to hear live. here is another one of her songs, judge for yourself.

dawn landes – straight lines

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/08/30.

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