ch ch ch changes

its been busy as heck here at g.f.o.m. headquarters (i.e. the head man…got a job!). i would be lying to say that this new job was not going to effect the blog, so i won’t lie. i just hope that i can keep up the movement, cause i really enjoy doing it. just bare with us over the next few weeks…and hopefully we will be able to balance the working world and the blog world.

in other good news, jagjaguwar has dropped the new sunset rubdown song winged/wicked things. so be sure to head here and grab it. we here at g.f.o.m. are really digging what we have heard of the new album “random spirit lover” and are counting down the days to the october release date. we may even cop the pre-order to receive a coupon to download the album a few weeks early. for more details, go here.

and now…two songs fo that azz

sunset rubdown – winged/wicked things

bat for lashes – what’s a girl to do (plaid remix)

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/09/07.

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