new albums…

wow, i’ve been busy and neglecting things around here. there has been lots of new music surfacing over the past few weeks (kanye west, animal collective, liars, tunng, and kano).

i (along with everybody else, it seems) got caught up in the hype of the fitty cent vs. kanye west battle. i have never been a big 50 fan, but after reading the reviews about kanye, i had to pick up “graduation”. after my first listen, i don’t understand all the rave about it. it seems pretty good, but a classic (i don’t know). but man that beat on ‘flashing lights’ is off the charts. and speaking of that sick beat, here is clipse spitting on it…

clipse – flashing lights (remix)

if you can figure out how to get the new kano album “london town”, i highly recommend it. so nice garage music from across the pond.

another london band doing their thing is tunng with their new album “good arrows”. check it out.

and we are still banging the new lairs disc “liars” around here…cannot wait to see them open for interpol this coming weekend.

first time through “strawberry jam” by animal collective and i am digging, but not as much as panda bear. we will see about this one…


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/09/13.

One Response to “new albums…”

  1. THe tunng album is great!!!

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