bali funk

09.13.07 bonde do role and plastic little @ johnny brendas, philadelphia.

last night bonde do role kicked it brazilian style while plastic little kicked it (well philly style, i guess) down at johnny brendas. b.i. and i were a bit subdued due to a huge dinner before the show, but the energy of the extra late thursday evening show finally woke us up and got us moving. after what seemed like a extra long wait, plastic little took the stage around 11 and proceeded to rock it, after their dj tore shit up for a few minutes. plastic little seemed extra drunk but they were on point, jumping around the stage having a good time. they put on a very entertaining set.after that, bonde proceeded to rock the house. i must admit that i had limited exposure to bonde before the show, so i did not really know what to expect. what i got was a energetic set from a dj and two mc’s rapping in spanish or portugues. they put on a good show and marina is madd hott up there on that stage. good times for sure. at one point during the set bonde do role was joined on the stage by plastic little and their crew along with amanda blank and spank rock (i think). crazy for sure.

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/09/14.

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