international police

09.15.07 interpol / liars @ the tower, philadelphia.

special thanks to chris zak for the pictures

i am finally getting a free second to update this here site. last weekend, the g.f.o.m. crew took in the interpol show at the tower theater in beautiful upper darby. the show took a while to sell out but it eventually did and the tower was jam packed with the typical interpol crowd (lots of frat dudes). the liars took the stage as the opening act and proceeded to rock shit. the crowd was a bit thrown off by the antics of the liars…but i thoroughly enjoyed their set. i was never a big fan of the band prior to their newest release…but now i am hooked. these guys do it right.

as for interpol…i was a bit under-whelmed by the show. having seen them a few months back in a much more intimate venue may have taken away from my enjoyment of the set. but interpol was interpol and that is never a bad thing. with a mixture of new and old, the boys came with an interesting set (not too different from the a.c. set). the encore was nice in that it was all “bright lights” cuts. all in all, good times…but i will take the borgata over upper darby any day.

setlist- pioneer, obstacle 1, cmere, narc, say hello to the angels, pace is the trick, mammoth, public pervert, threesome, slow hands, chemistry, heinrich, evil, not even jail

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/09/23.

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