cults are for kids

09.29.07 animal collective @ starlight ballroom, philadelphia

this weekend styles made his way up to the city to take in the animal collective and thurston moore shows. i was originally planning to make it to see thurston, but work obligations nixed that idea. with the t.m. show out, i decided to go check out animal collective (a band that i never really have been able to get into). the show was sold out so i knew getting in would be either a long shot or an expensive proposition. it turned out that it was pretty easy to get a ticket – for face value non the less.armed with tickets and a few budweisers, we took on the animal collective set. my vocabulary for the set would have to be frustratingly good.

there were parts of the set when i was really jammin, really into the music, and groovin’ my ass off and then there were other times that i was confused about the music, not sure if i even liked what i was hearing. crazy i know. but i did have a lot of fun. the guys seemed to put a lot into their craft. they played one of the longest sets that i can ever remember hearing (the main set was at least an 75 minutes, and then they played an encore). good that i have seen the live show, i plan to dig through their back catalogue and attempt to get into animal collective. i will let you know how the experiment turns out.there were a lot of youngins at the show and apparently a few of the kids got a bit bugged out at the show, accusing the promoter of cult like activities. classic stuff i tell ya, you can check out more about that here. and head over here to peep out the animal collective set from d.c on npr

animal collective – peacebone (live)


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