that show stunk

10.08.07 caribou / born ruffians @ the church, philadelphia.

born ruffians

i know that the kids have to have a place to go see shows but this is getting ridiculous. it was hot as a mofo and stunk to high hell in the church last night. luckily the show was pretty bad ass. born ruffians opened the show and confirmed for me that they are an up and coming band that needs to be paid attention to. they let us know that they are releasing their first proper album in february, so we will keep our eyes out for that one. their drummer was awesome, but not as awesome as caribou’s percussionists.

last time i had the pleasure to see caribou, i was incredibly impressed with the band. so i was looking forward to seeing them again (but was skeptical, b/c its the church and all), but in the end caribou did not disappoint. for me…they are up there with the best of the best when it comes to putting on a live show. see these guys if you have the chance!

i am really hoping to see these cats at brendas some day. but until then, i am left with the good vibes that i gained from last nights performace. they played a nice set with a mix of old (manitoba), semi old (milk of human kindness) and new (andora). they had a guitarist, bassist, drummer and then dan played guitar and bass. the band really knows how to translate their electronic sound to a live experience. good stuff yall.

not a setlist but from my recollection they played melody day, sandy, after hours, she’s the one, eli, a final warning, bees, brahminy kite, skunks, jacknuggeted, bijoux, kid you’ll move mountains. i could be way off here, but thats what i remember hearing.


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