rogue wha

11.03.07 rogue wave @ johnny brendas

last nights rogue wave show had me wondering what happened to the band that made such a good impression on me a few years back as openers for a.c. newman. rogue’s saturday night set was highly disappointing for me. the band changed up their sound and tweeked lots of their classic (chilling, quiet, and beautiful) tunes into raucous jams and the music was lost in the translation. the new rocking sound did not work for me. there were however, some good moments. i thought the new tunes sounded good but just wished that they did not rework so many of their older songs. next time they come around, i will not be so excited to see these guys, i may just sit it out…which is ashame because this band can be quality, i have seen it in the past.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/11/04.

4 Responses to “rogue wha”

  1. Rogue sucked bad….at least we saw a great film….

  2. yeah, i am newly obsessed with joy division.

  3. Hey! Your blog rocks. No pun intended.

  4. hey thanks, blue. glad you enjoy it.

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