my second attempt

11.20.07 malajube @ johnny brendas, philadelphia.

my tired ass manned up and went out the malajube show at brendas. this was my second time seeing the band, the last time the canadians opened for snowden and put on a really great show, a packed show. this time, malajube tried to keep a small as hell crowd…awake during a late set. i mean, there was no one there and it seemed like everyone in attendance was as tired as i. i felt, however that the band put on a nice set (minus an encore, unfortunately). i guess that i am one of the few (in the philly area, at least) that really think this band is something special. they played a spirited show (well as spirited as possible with 20 people in the crowd). i mean, how hype can a band get when there is hardly anyone there to see them. the lead singer made a funny comment during the show…he asked, “was anyone at our last show, here”?…when a few people in the crowd clapped, he stated, “thanks for bringing your friends”!

i absolutely loved the first song of the set, which is a really rocking instrumental tune (which i assume to be an older song…they played it both time that i have seen them). they played ‘montreal’, ‘le crabe’ and a bunch of my other favorite french canadian tunes. overall, i really enjoyed the show…but my bud b.i. thought the band sounded like duncan (which by the way b.i. is not a band- i checked google).  oh, well this band will be my guilty pleasure, f all yall.  


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One Response to “my second attempt”

  1. hey,

    I keep a blog myself, and a couple of people from Montreal found mine. I tracked yours through them – I was at their show as well. I was sitting with the girl to the left of the stage – anyway, here’s my blog:

    I thought it was a great set – i’m a huge fan of pate filo, but with them starting at 11:45 I could see there being a problem with an encore.

    Cobbs are good as well, but what the hell?!! Aunt Dracula??

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