best live performances of 2007

rocking around the interweb the lists are starting to show up all over the place. we here at g.f.o.m. have a few lists for you. the first list will be my favorite live shows of 2007. if anyone still reads this neglected site, please feel free to leave your favorite shows list in the comments. here we go…

best live performances of 2007

10. midlake @ the northstar
09. ghostland observatory @ the northstar
08. caribou @ the church
07. gza / sonic youth @ the pitchfork music festival
06. spoon @ starlight ballroom
05. wolf parade @ the tla
04. interpol @ the borgata
03. arcade fire @ the tower
02. girl talk @ johnny brendas
01. lcd soundsystem @ the tla

staff writer and all around good guy, dusty b. just sent us over his show list. here it is…

10 peter bjorn and john tla may 3rd
09  wolf parade tla august 20
08  ben gibbard tla may 9th
07  tokyo police club johnny brenda’s august 9th
06 menomena the church november 7th 
05 girl talk johnny brenda’s january 19th
04 memomena johnny brenda’s march 30th
03 kevin drew/broken social scene tla november 17th
02 the national johnny brenda’s june 2nd
01 lcd soundsystem tla june 6th

honorable mentions
-snowden/malajube johnny brenda’s february 20th 
-the thermals the church march 6th 
-albert hammond jr tla april 3rd
-arcade fire the tower theatre may 6th 


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2007/12/06.

6 Responses to “best live performances of 2007”

  1. yo geno! no national? im gonna knock you one silly ya bastad! shows seem to be a thing of the past for me these days but of the few i did see im gonna go with arcade fire. my fave live band probably. does assorted at brendas count? that shit was rad. despite the slippery floor. ghostland was fun too with curious there. ahhh the north star. i miss that place.

  2. short summer for me… so all i have is.
    menomena @ the church

  3. damn. at least it was a good ONE…from what i hear.

  4. Top 3 for me this year

    3. The National, TLA
    2. Muse/Cold War Kids, Festival Pier
    1. Arcade Fire/The National, Tower Theatre, even if my car was broken into during the show…

  5. your car was broken into?! what the hell, you never told me that. shitty man, upper darby is an interestingly crappy place.

  6. the arcade fire show was great
    “fuck the seats”
    i got about 15 feet closer and in the asile!!!

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