majestic arrows

i picked up this disc a few months back and did not really pay it too much attention. but this eccentric soul release has been a staple listen over the past few weeks at g.f.o.m. headquarters.  the following quote comes from the numero group’s website.

Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label takes a look at the underside of Chicago soul through twenty tracks of blistering R&B, sweet soul, and discofied funk. Hundreds of hours were spent researching, interviewing, re-mastering, and compiling the history of Bandit and the life of Arrow Brown. Unearthed in the process were two cassette tapes worth of acappella rehearsals that we\’ve done our best to preserve in their lo-fi, in-the-red state. Numero 003 might be the deepest we\’ll ever dig. No map, no shovel, just a stack of 45\’s and a city of three million people.

There are a bunch of other eccentric soul releases, so go check them out at the numero group website.

a standout cut from the album

majestic arrows – one more time around  


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/01/13.

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