pirates and such

01.19.08 glass candy / diplo / and others / mad decent mosoleum, philadelphia.

well not quite. last night, we were treated to a great party. glass candy and diplo and a few other djs put on a nice set that kept us dancing into the wee hours of the night. my ears are still ringing and my feet still hurt, but we had a real good time none the less. diplos set was pretty freaking amazing.


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/01/20.

2 Responses to “pirates and such”

  1. i had such an awesome time. i think i have major ear damage though. whose idea was it to stand next to the speakers anyway? and eye patches are hot!

  2. I glad it was not only me with the ear damage…next time by the door/and johnny on the spot…

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