you knew this would get me out of my blog, hibernation!

here we go again. its that time of year. yes that cold day in march,  where i get all psyched for my annual trip / fest to the windy city. although, i may have to beg, borrow, and steal to get some friends out there with me this year (you know with all the babies, marriages, jobs, and do). damn, we are getting old aren’t we?
but you know i am going to hold it down for old time sake! the condo is open, the tickets go on sale this wednesday. hit me up if you are interested.
july 18, 19, 20
lineup looks pretty good so far. public enemy performing “it takes a nation”, now that should be all you need. 
public enemy
animal collective
vampire weekend
dizzee rascal
no age
atlas sound
fleet foxes
m. ward
extra golden
el guincho 

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/03/10.

3 Responses to “you knew this would get me out of my blog, hibernation!”

  1. prices have gone up… $65 for 3 day pass, $50 for 2 day, and $30 each day. guess you still cant complain for the amount of music.

  2. Like a phoenix he rises…Welcome back glynneroo.

  3. wish i could make it. looks like lloyd is out for another season. looking toward 2009!?!?!

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