chicago ’08 recap

07.18.08-07.20.08 pitchfork music festival @ union park, chicago il.

back and fully recovered from the annual chicago trip. good times, as usual.  highlights of this years trip include (crashing a yacht party, swimming in lake michigan, it takes a nation of millions to hold us back, king khan, hold steady, and the animal collective set (for a few reasons, ha). we had some camera problems this year (it rained on friday (no pics), my battery died half way through the day on sunday, and kyle lost his camera), but here you go…

friday night

mission of burma
performed “vs.” – i came in not knowing much about this band, but their set was impressive.

performed “bubble and scrape” – don’t know much about this one either.

public enemy
performed “it takes a nation of millions to hold us back” – incredible set. i am so glad that i was able to catch this one. after the initial scare of not having flava at the show (he decided to show up late and join in after the first song). we got to experience the true public enemy, awesome!


slept in a bit, got to the park in time to see caribou’s set. it started out rainy but ended in the sun. they were very good as usual.

icy demons
chicago band. interesting music / kinda all over the place, but good times.

fleet foxes
they sounded really good. but it was real chillin and i was ready to party. can’t wait to here these guys in a small club (thing northstar).

fuck buttons
lots of cool noises but i was left waiting for them to bug out and jam, never happened

dizzee rascal
another good set. wish i was closer to the stage (looked like fun).

vampire weekend
fun set. good times. typical vw.

hold steady
incredible set. one of my highlights of the festival. the band looked so enthusiastic and happy to be playing the fest. a good mix of new and old tunes. quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.

animal collective
best set of the weekend. great times. one of the best band out there, hands down.


loud and rocking. pep the gong and the smoke. cool.

high places
hell i dunno

freaking loud. but cool.

king khan and the shrines
another highlight of the fest. go see this band if you have the chance! good music, good showman, great banter…we’re gonna bring back finger banging in 08′ (best line of the festival)

les savy fav
caught the tail end of this set. seemed like a good time.

dude was banging on a trash can

this is where my camera crapped out

ghostface and raekwon
cool set. lots of classic tunes!

heard this set all the way at the rae and ghost stage (must have been real loud)

bon iver
good but i was way too tired to enjoy such a chillin set – so late in the weekend

dinosaur jr
sounded cool, not really my style though

my lame old hungover ass had to miss spoon and cut copy – i was spent.


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