wilco-minton delaware

08.10.08 – wilco @ the grand opera house wilmington, de.

it was really surreal (after all these years). i had to leave my home in philadelphia and drive down to delaware to see a rock show. wtf. whats going on here? i have to say that i was not all that excited about the show. i am a big wilco fan, but did not really get into their new album. i was expecting a show with lots of slow / country rock type songs. boy was i wrong. wilco absolutely rocked it. they definitely proved that they are one of the best bands around. plowing through 26 songs a setlist heavy on yankee hotel favorites. i also got to hear hotel arizona! great show. jeff seemed to be real excited to be playing in delaware and joked around with the crowd quite a bit. can’t wait for a new wilco album!

1. Sunken Treasure 2. Wishful Thinking 3. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 4. Blood Of The Lamb (w/Total Pros horns-clarinet only) 5. You Are My Face 6. Company In My Back 7. Hotel Arizona (started and restarted three times) 8. Handshake Drugs 9. Pot Kettle Black 10. Side With The Seeds 11. Radio Cure 12. Impossible Germany 13. Jesus, Etc. 14. Theologians 15. Poor Places 16. Spiders (Kidsmoke) // E1: 17. Hummingbird 18. Hate It Here (w/Total Pros horns) 19. Walk On (w/Total Pros horns) 20. I’m The Man Who Loves You (w/Total Pros horns) // E2: 21. Heavy Metal Drummer 22. The Late Greats (w/Total Pros horns) 23. Casino Queen 24. Outtasite (Outta Mind) (w/Total Pros horns)



~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/08/11.

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