lots of shows…

should be an interesting fall. unfortunately, most of the shows are on the weekdays. needless to say, i will be missing lots of good ones. damn those responsibilities. but, hit me up if any of these interest you and we will try to get it together! you know sick days.

~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/08/19.

4 Responses to “lots of shows…”

  1. free time has been a douche to me lately. lots of nice site updates recently, good work outta you baller

  2. i = anonymous

  3. i was like who is the anonymous asshole! hey thanks. ive been working hard on these updates lately. but im back to school. so the blog will prob go to sleep soon. speaking of sleep. you getting any?

  4. getting better, i guess it’s something i just have to get used to.

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