the notwist

10-14-08 notwist @ the church, philadelphia.

i was lucky enough to get the opportunity to check out a band that i have been digging forever, a band that does not tour too much, and most importantly a band that does not get enough credit (in my book). the notwist thoroughly rocked philadelphia last night. the sound ranged from metal to rock to pop to dance to electronic to noise and on and on.

they did this incredibly awesome segue between ‘neon golden’ and ‘pilot’ which went on for like 10 minutes. it was rad for sure. the set included lots from “neon golden” and the new one. leaving my quite happy. it is always good seeing a band that good in such a small venue. more people should know about these guys!


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/10/15.

2 Responses to “the notwist”

  1. good show…was it me or was it real really loud

  2. funny that you say…during the show i was debating if my old ears need to start wearing ear plugs at these shows. yes it was really loud.

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