Who’s at your top… “play count”?!??

killing some time… sort your itunes or songbird “play count” from your iPod… may be surprised who you listen to the most. i sure as hell was!!!

my top 10 according to myPod… dont bust my balls to much.

interesting note: i haven’t listened to a single ’08 track more then 13x (say hi – shakes her shoulders)

for those who long for something other then itunes (mac or pc) then seriously check out Songbird. Open source alternative that rocks, enjoy.


~ by fraggle_rock on 2008/12/16.

2 Responses to “Who’s at your top… “play count”?!??”

  1. Glynnie I love this. Songbird rocks by the by. My top five are Fruit Bats “Leg of Bees”; David Bowie “Queen Bitch”; Beck “Sexx Laws”; New Order “Age of Consent”; and Badly Drawn Boy “Four Leaf Clover.” I’m shocked.

    When you gonna get the year end lists up?

  2. hey jim. my boy corey actually got me hip to the songbird. my computer crashed about a week ago, so lists will be late this year.

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