2008 individual lists!!!!

mcglynn’s list

honorable mentions

i did not feel that i could technically include these “albums” on the list, but they nonetheless dominated my ipod in ’08

santogold and diplo – top ranking

paper rout gangstaz – fear and loathing in hunts vegas (sampler)

sinden’s weekly radio show on k.i.s.s. fm in london!!!!!!!!!!!!

best albums of 2008

11. jamie lidell – jim
(pretty awesome album / but i still prefer the live show)

10. the hold steady – stay positive
(good summer time record, kept me rocking on the grill)

09. tv on the radio – dear science
(never really got into this band before this one, i am into them now)

08. okkervil river – the stand ins
(gordo talked up okkervil’s release from last year – so i figured i would check this one out. glad i did)

07. deerhunter – microcastle
(another band that i never really got into, but this album is pretty sick)

06. notwist – the devil, you, + me
(many of you guys could not get into this one. i feel that it is a logical step after the wonderful “neon golden”. the devil is a good album, don’t sleep on it! /// and the live show…shit)

05. ra ra riot – the rhumb line
(listened to this one so many time this year, but we will see if lasts the test of time)

04. of montreal – skeletal lamping
(like notwist, i feel that this album was way under-rated. i like it better then “hissing fauna” (i know blasphemy)).

03. walkmen – you & me
(2008……..the year of bands that glynnie never could get into…that made awesome albums in 08).

02. m83 – saturdays = youth
(like ra ra riot this is an album that i listened to so many times in 08).

01. various artists – body language (vol. 6) mixed by the junior boys
(??????????????, yeah i know. what the hell is this. it’s the album that i came home to every friday night, after a long week, to an empty house…and it made me feel good. got me motivated to hit the philly streets on the solo tip. it is by far, my favorite album of 2008….check it out, i am sure you have not hear it).


1. of montreal – skeletal lamping
2. wolf parade – at mount zoomer
3. tv on the radio – dear science
4. deerhunter – microcastle
5. okkelvil river – the stand ins
6. mgmt – orcular spectacular
7. my morning jacket – evil urges
8. m83 – saturdays = youth
9. cut copy – in ghost colours
10. ra ra riot – the rhumb line

11. dodos – visiter
12. walkmen – you & me
13. hot chip – made in the dark
14. hercules & love affair – self titled
15. foals – antidotes


1) fleet foxes – s/t
2) stephen malkmus – real emotional trash
3) wolf parade – at mount zoomer
4) tv on the radio – dear science
5) the big sleep – sleep forever
6) sigur rós – með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
7) pomegrantes – everything is alive
8) hot chip – made in the dark
9) the walkmen – you and me
10) devotchka – a mad & faithful telling


10. “we got it 4 cheap vol. 3” – Clipse
9. “jukebox” – cat power
8. “ny’s finest” – pete rock
7. “jeanius” – jean grae
6. “the preface” – elzhi
5. “new orleans funk vol. 2: second line strut” – v/a
4. “esoteric vs. japan: pterodactyl takes tokyo” – esoteric
3. “tronic” – black milk
2. “rising down” – the roots
1. “third” – portishead


1) blitzen trapper – furr
2) helio sequence – keep your eyes ahead
3) bark hide and horn – national road *
4) jared mees and the little children – caffeine, alcohol, sunshine, money
5) starfucker – self-titled
6) super xx man – vii: there’ll be diamonds
7) eskimo and sons – various singles, eps, etc. (haven’t actually released a proper album)
8) parenthetical girls – entaglements
9) the dimes – the silent generation (technically a 2007 release but I listened to them for the first time this year)
10) nick jaina – a narrow way
11) shakey hands – lunglight
12) horse feathers – house with no name


1cut copy
3fleet foxes(both of em)
8vampire weekend
9okkervil river
10hercules and love affair


1 sigur ros
2 wolf parade
3 mgmt
4 my morning jacket
5 hercules and love affair
6 fleet foxes
7 vampire weekend
8 blitzen trapper
9 kings of leon
10 cut copy


10. okkervil river
9. fleet foxes
8. hecules and love affair
7. tv on the radio
6. wolf parade
5. cut copy
4. m83
3. lil’wayne
2. mgmt
1. lupe fiasco

mel (g.f.o.m. newcomer, welcome!)

1. conor oberst -self titled (gets the most spins)
2. death cab for cutie -narrow stairs
3. fleet foxes -self titled
4. tv on the radio -dear science
5. sigur ros -með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
6. wolf parade- at mount zoomer
7. stephen malkmus -real emotional trash
8. the walkmen -you and me
9. coldplay -viva la vida or death and all his friends
10. m83 -saturdays=youth


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/12/27.

2 Responses to “2008 individual lists!!!!”

  1. i am hurt. my list is not on hear?!?! wtf bra. just kidding. i love the pix from the phillies world series night. me and my pop hit up the parade at the linc, was freakin cool.

  2. why the hell isn’t kid bop 2008 on the top 10 list?! this is a travesty, i’m boycotting modern music

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