g.f.o.m – albums of the year – 2008

slipping in right before the new year.

10. deerhunter – microcastle

09. walkmen – you & me

08. of montreal – skeletal lamping

07. cut copy – in ghost colours

06. mgmt – oracular spectacular

05. sigur ros – með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

04. m83 – saturdays = youth

03. fleet foxes – self titled

02. tv on the radio – dear science

01. wolf parade – at mount zoomer


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2008/12/31.

3 Responses to “g.f.o.m – albums of the year – 2008”

  1. no comments on the albums of the year? wtf? come on peoples!

  2. oh, sorry glyn-b…hey how about that wolf parade! i’m surprised that made it to 1, thought fleet foxes would be there. otherwise not much to say, these probably are the 10 best albums of the year

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