review: The Faint/Ladytron @ the Troc

Faint n ladytron

weekends can take it out of ya; mondays can be the most dreaded day of the week… 

the usual all ages show packed with hipsters and new age emos alike trying just a little to hard – if i had my camera you would understand.

billed as co-headliners, ladytron hit the stage first and mixed it up including tracks from their ’05 witching hour and ’08 velocifero albums mainly.  the crowd showed about as much energy as the band did from the door.  the girls did turn it up as the set progressed finishing with “destroy everything you touch”.  energy was up, the smell of all el’natural hipsters and hairspray was building and looking forward to the faint…

-insert thought, “ladytron finished up about 9:15, the set change was way to fuk’n long, and the faint didn’t hit the stage until almost 10.”

…so we left.  though if it was anything like their show at the bowery this past saturday. i’m sure to be kicking myself in the ass for not being patient and waiting.  check out the post here from brooklynvegan who was patient.

like i said mondays suck and electro-dance/punk/pop should not be playing at the troc, get it together… 

moving on, lets all get hyped for of montreal next wednesday.


~ by fraggle_rock on 2009/04/14.

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