currently in rotation|whos listening to what?

fraggle selections

red riders – drown in colour
sunset rubdown – dragonslayer
mark knopfler – get lucky
swimming with dolphins – ambient blue
troels aabrahamsen – wht
monokino – human error
noah and the whale – the first days of spring
ramona falls – intuit
deadmau5 – for lack of a better name
why? – eskimo snow
portugal. the man – the satanic satanist
engineers – three fact fader
the smiths – the very best of
paolo nutini – sunny side up

shortlist of new albums currently in rotation… more scrutiny to follow. 

who’s listening to what?  new albums worth noting?  lets get some life back into \gfom\


~ by fraggle_rock on 2009/08/19.

2 Responses to “currently in rotation|whos listening to what?”

  1. hey, remember when viar gave his year-end list with kid bop 2008 and the wiggles & shit. well, that’s me this year! no joke, and it’s not cool. i seriously listened to one new album this year and that’s yeah yeah yeahs, which is an excellent album and would probably still be number one if even if i did listen to another album.

  2. guess we need to get some music links or a music player on here to get you listening to some new tunes… slacker.

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