gfom’s | best albums 2009

[UPDATED] all lists are in… enjoy. whats in-store for 2010?

surprised/angry/relieved/just right/totally fuck’d?

01. animal collective – merriweather post pavilion

“It feels like one of the landmark American albums of the century so far.” -uncut

02. grizzly bear – veckatimest

“It’s like hearing the past few centuries of music playing in symphony, which sounds–thrillingly and reassuringly–like the future.” -onion

03. xx – xx

“The xx have made a debut that sounds utterly flawless; it’s the kind of album that bands take years to create” -doa

04. dirty projectors – bitte orca

05. sunset rubdown – dragonslayer

06. handsome furs – face control

07. bill callahan – sometimes i wish i were an eagle

08. flaming lips – embryonic

09. phoenix – wolfgang amadeus phoenix

10. camera obscura – my maudlin career

~ by fraggle_rock on 2009/12/21.

2 Responses to “gfom’s | best albums 2009”

  1. with the addition of millz and oldies list – you can see some changes… of course still waiting for bi.

  2. fraggle – a valiant effort at projecting my year end list, i applaud your clairvoyant talent. however, my list would definitely include elmopalooza and imagination movers “for those about to hop” in the top 5. other than that i still have nothing for the list. maybe next year

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