some thoughts for 010

some random thoughts for 2010.

1. i better get to more shows this year, dammit im not that old yet!

2. yeasayer will be pforks first best new music of the year

3. corey might be right about antlers

4. i slept on atlas sound – so good!

5. g.f.o.m needs to be more proactive in finding cool new bands.

first attempt of the year………… phantogram

i am thinking this band is going to be good. the album is banging. it comes out on barsuk, this coming year. they are playing kung fu necktie on february 13th. i will be there!

*please post your random thoughts for 2010!!!!

let’s get g.f.o.m. out of hibernation this year!


~ by greaterfreedomofmovement on 2010/01/04.

One Response to “some thoughts for 010”

  1. 010 = A1A ?? beach front ave… first thing that came to mind. such a dork

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