the chef’s headin’ to chi-town… again

courtesy [stereogum]

pitchfork 2010 \\ july 16-18 \\ now on sale
with a blizzard *cough* on its way, pitchfork tickets went on sale today. with hardly a line-up to post so far, i was stoked to see raekwon on the ticket for the 2nd time. got me thinking old skewl days when a few had the bumps in the trunk, amps, crossovers, badass headunits, all jammed into piece of shit cars and blasted our eardrums… 

raekwon’s ’95 banger…

raekwon – heaven and hell (feat. ghostface killah) by gfom

flashback ’95… check it

… where’s glynner?


~ by fraggle_rock on 2010/02/05.

7 Responses to “the chef’s headin’ to chi-town… again”

  1. definitely excited about the chef. but did you notice pavement! and what about modest mouse on friday? (if history repeats itself we are in for “moon and antarctica” in its entirety!!!! or a fan request of the setlist! im all the sudden interested in seeing modest mouse again.

  2. oh and what a bunch of dorks!!!

  3. That should be illegal to post those pix! It’s crazy to see old school photos.

  4. Where is glynner?

  5. I believe glynner was still playing for the other team at the time for sally’s

  6. holy shit, that is funny!

  7. check out billips, are you sure this is ’95 and not ’65?!

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