camera obscura

08.22.07 camera obscura @ tla, philadelphia

thanks to g.f.o.m. sidekick dustin, b.i. and i were able to continue our rock and roll week by catching camera obscura live and in the flesh at the tla. the show was pretty much as i expected it to be, fairly chilled out with some rocking moments. but overall, i was very impressed with the band, they put on a good show. the band played a bunch of tunes from their latest album “let’s get out of the county” (an album thats getting lots of play time for me in 2007), which was fine with me.

in other news, b.i. picked up a new camera! so hopefully he will send me some pictures of the show. i will get them up as soon as i get em. with any luck, b.i. will be taking lots of pictures for us…because as you all know already my camera does not do the trick. where would g.f.o.m. be without the help of all you photographers out there.

and for your listening pleasure…one of my favorites from last nights show.

camera obscura – if looks could kill


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